Quebecor Out of Home 

Quebecor Out of Home is:
1. An innovative media offering focusing on new trends and technological developments
2. An urban media offering based on consumer lifestyles
3. A flexible media offering that powers your strategies and creative ideas

With products like Transit Shelter+, Digital Transit Shelter+, Transit+ and Téo Taxi, Quebecor Out of Home offers a diversified network with strong reach across Quebec.

We put a total of over 7,354 advertising faces at our clients’ disposal to showcase their campaigns across Quebec.

Source: Internal data – TGI/COMB, winter 2018, Montreal CMA, Quebec City CMA  & Sherbrooke

Transit Shelter+ 

Available in the Montreal, Laval, Lévis and Sherbrooke markets, Transit Shelter+ has over 3,800 advertising faces available to advertisers, serving as a true urban showcase that reaches 93% of Montreal, Quebec City & Sherbrooke adults each month. 

Quebecor Out of Home has been operating the STM’s (Société de transports de Montréal) inventory of over 3,800 transit shelter advertising faces. In the Laval market, Quebecor Media Out of Home has partnered with the Société des transports de Laval to deliver an additional 559 advertising faces. In total, these two transit shelter networks represent 75% of all street furniture faces in the Greater Montreal area. 

Each month, Transit Shelter+ reaches 98% of the Greater Montreal adults through this vast network.

Transit Shelter+ is also present in Lévis, where Quebecor Out of Home is the advertising representative for the 65 transit-shelter faces of the Société des transports de Lévis.

Source: COMB, winter 2018, Montreal CMA & Numeris-RTS Fall 2017

Digital Transit Shelter+

Digital Transit Shelter+ is a network of 112 interactive displays, strategically located in high-traffic areas and high-usage shelters. It features the world’s largest outdoor, interactive digital LCD screens. If you’re looking for more consumer interactions, more downloads and more engagement, look no further than Digital Transit Shelter+. 

Source: Comb, Winter 2018, Montréal RMR

Téo taxi 

Téo is an eco-friendly and equitable taxi service – and a first in Canada. Servicing the island of Montreal, the company’s fleet is expected to rise to 2,000 cars by 2018. It’s an innovative service whose time has come, to the delight of both users and advertisers.

Téo has chosen Quebecor Out of Home as its exclusive partner for advertising and sponsorship sales and management.

This service offers promising advertising options, including electric charging stations, rooftop domes on the cars themselves, car interiors, Wi-Fi service, and tablets for passenger use. It all opens up exciting new opportunities to connect with consumers.

Without a doubt, the Téo taxi service is a prime advertising vehicle.