Founded in 2003, Musicor is one of the largest labels for francophone CDs and DVDs in Quebec! The label is distributed by Select Distribution.

Musicor is the label for Quebec’s most popular artists, including Duteil, Audrey Gagnon, Murray Head, Jean Lapointe, Wilfred Le Bouthillier, Marie Mai, Steve Marino, Mario Pelchat / Michel Legrand, Zachary Richard, Marie-Elaine Thibert, and more. In addition to proving itself year after year as an emerging platform for new careers, this division also recognizes excellent writing.

Musicor has also made its mark with DVDs, including Ce n’était qu’un rêve – l’Histoire de Maman Dion, Nos Souvenirs du 400ième de Québec 1608-2008, La cour des Grands, L’Académie du chant avec Johanne Blouin, Dieudonné, numerous DVDs by Josée Lavigueur, and others.