Goji, is an innovative, customized initiative aimed at accompanying and propelling the most talented YouTubers in the multiplatform development of their brand. 

With Goji, Quebecor is putting its cutting-edge expertise at the disposal of creative talents to help them maximize the impact of their presence and visibility. This expertise includes audience development, monetization, distribution and media. By working with Goji specialists, young creators can optimize each aspect of their digital production to more efficiently reach their audience in the 15-to-30 age group. 

Quebecor created Goji to help up-and-coming local artists leverage the reach of a major media player in order to reveal all the facets of their talent. The goal is to offer them more visibility and a chance to achieve more success, both in Quebec and abroad.

By offering production services, consultations with experts, new collaboration opportunities and access to print, TV and digital platforms, Goji opens the door to a new era of entertainment aimed at young adults.