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A unique television show connected to today’s world of technology!The Web has never been as popular on TV as it is today. Vlog features the best and the worst of the Web; a unique concept indeed! Vlog takes a 30 minute tour of the World Wide Web and reports on the best websites, videos, and Web TV that captivate global audiences. With the soaring popularity of social media sites, Vlog is more relevant than ever.

Technophile and journalist by trade, Dominic Arpin hosts the popular show and embodies the multiplatform concept. Radio and television host, blogger, consultant, lecturer, and public speaker, he is also an avid user of social media. He is the resource for all things Web in Quebec.

Vlog has been airing on TVA since 2007.

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Vlog télévision


A show that captivates an audience of close to one million!

Thanks to its unique concept, a large number Quebeckers are loyal Vlog viewers. With an average weekly audience of 931,000 for the Fall 2017, and a market share of close to 31 %.

Mainly adults aged 35 to 64, white collar employees and business people, Vlog viewers are active and dynamic consumers.

  Numeris, French QC, Fall 2017 (Sept. 4 - Dec.3), 2+

Schedule : W2018
Sunday: 7:30 PM - 8:00 PM

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Key numbers

Estimates W2018
• 2+ : 967,000
• 18-49  : 274,000
• 25-54  : 316,000
• F25-54  : 168,000


Vlog web


Active on social media sites, the Vlog brand connects with its fans online.

Technophiles will find hours of pure enjoyment on the show’s website which features videos of the week, archives, interviews, and videos featuring guest artists.

In the winter of 2017, over 476,000 unique visitors found it so entertaining that the website generated over 1.2 million page views.

Vlog certainly makes the most of social media networks. Addict and expert in his own right, host Dominic Arpin pushes the envelope when it comes to getting Vlog beyond the reality of TV.

He has close to 138,700 Facebook friends, over 128,000 of whom are fans of the show. 7,052 fans follow the Vlog Twitter feed, while over 412,000 follow Dominic Arpin.

Source: Google Analytics, Spring 2017 (Jan. 9 - april 23) ; Facebook, June 2017

Vlog vsd

Video on demand

Thanks to Videotron illico TV, fans who are unable to catch weekly Vlog episodes, can watch them all on demand. For the winter of 2017, 64,000  Vlog episodes were downloaded.

Source: Videotron, WS2017