For over 50 years, TVA has found a home in the hearts and culture of Quebeckers.

It is not a coincidence that TVA ranked among the 100 most admired companies in Quebec.

Present in most regions, TVA is the dominant over-the-air network. It reaches 5.9 million francophone Quebeckers, 81 % of the population, every week. It has more viewers on its own than its two main competitors combined!

TVA offers highly diversified programming: news bulletins, reality shows, dramas, movies, variety shows, games and comedy. Since Quebec viewers love to identify in the programs they watch, TVA offers prime time schedule made up of more than 80% of locally produced content.

TVA brands are strong and well-known: La Voix, TVA Nouvelles, O' and Au secours de Béatrice.

TVA acts as a pioneer offering innovative content and concepts, created, produced and distributed here, for people here.

Source: Numeris, PQ franco, Fall 2017 (Sept. 9 - Dec. 3), 2+

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TVA -télévision


TVA Network ranks first in the competitive world of television in Quebec.

It has more viewing time than its competitors CBC and V combined!

Its shows stand out.  In fall 2017, 19 of them ranked in the Top 30 most-watched programs in Quebec.

The majority of it’s original fiction productions are all millionaires, while his newscasts rank first in their respective niche, Monday through Friday.

Source : Numeris, PQ franco, Fall 2017 (Sept. 4 - Dec. 3), 2+ / Palmares : 1 diff+

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Key numbers

MARKET SHARE, 2+, M-F, 6:00 am - 2:00 am
• PQ franco :  25.5%
• Montreal franco :  22.9%
• Quebec :  28.3%
• Sherbrooke :  27.3%
• Trois-Rivières :  25,7%
• Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean :  28.7%
• Eastern Quebec :  28.6%

TVA - web

Web presents all of its shows, photos and videos, contests, games, and web exclusive series! Highly appreciated by the users, the site attracts a monthly average of 1,5 million unique visitors. 69% of them visit the site via a mobile device.

The on-demand platform is gaining a considerable fan base. In fall of 2017, it generated 1.9 million video views.

Source : Google Analytics, av. 3 months, Sept. - Nov. 2017 / Brightcove, av. 3 months, Sept. -  Nov.  2017

Key numbers

• 1.5 million unique visitors monthly
• 4.6 million page views per month
• 1.9 million videos viewed per month on