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RÉVOLUTION is the first dance competition show that’s open to everyone: solo dancers, duos or groups, big or small, young or old – everybody’s invited to come in and show their stuff.

The goal of each performance is to amaze our judges and earn a spot in the competition. The competing dancers will be coached by professionals, whose mandate is to help our contestants raise their game by a few notches. The best of the best will make it to the finals, where they’ll have to give their all to win the competition – and the hearts of Quebec audiences.

The show is led by an all-star team that includes director/coordinator Daniel Laurin, (“La Voix”, “Belle et Bum”, “La Fête nationale”, etc.) and art director André-Roch Fortin (“So You Think You Can Dance Poland”, “Don’t Forget the Lyrics”, etc. ), as well as a jury of experts presided by Steve Bolton (“So You Think You Can Dance” Poland & Canada, “America’s Best Dance Crew”, “Step Up 5”, “La Voix”, “Mary Poppins”, “Footlose”, etc.). They’ll be on hand every step of the way to make sure this TV production reaches the highest dance-competition standards and gives contestants every chance to shine.

This blockbuster variety show will cover all facets of dancing. It’s set to premiere on TVA in 2018.

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