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La vraie nature

A trademark of TVA network

In each episode of “La vraie nature”, our host welcomes three personalities from different walks of life, who don’t know each other but are popular in their own field (i.e. acting, singing, sports, comedy, writing, politics, etc.).

Our three guests are brought together in a remote country home, far from the TV studios and their daily routine. For 24 hours, time stands still as they share amusing and emotional moments.

Host Jean-Philippe Dion will be on hand to facilitate the discussions and draw out some revealing anecdotes, in this adaptation of a French TV concept that was a big hit on France 2. .

La vraie nature premieres on TVA in the fall of 2017.

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La vraie nature - télévision


Hosted by Jean-Philippe Dion, the show is delighting Quebec audiences.

It was a big hit in fall 2017, attracting 1,053,000 viewers.

The reality show is filmed very discretely, giving viewers an intimate, in-depth look at Quebec personalities. This approach drew a market share of 31.

The show delivers a prime audience for advertisers, including women 25-54, families with a household income of $100,000 or more, and businesspeople.

Source : Numeris, PQ fr, F2017 (Sept. 4 - Dec. 3), 2+. Profil based on audience

Schedule : W2018
Sunday : 9:30 P.M.- 10:30 P.M.

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Key numbers

Estimates : W2018
2+ : 1,068,000
A18-49 : 243,000
A25-54 : 295,000
F25-54 : 182,000