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Les beaux malaises

A trademark of TVA network

When humour openly flirts with reality!

After traveling across Quebec and displaying excellence, Martin Matte has decided to reveal a more human side and we learn that he is in fact not always perfect. Based on his day-to-day life, the new series he created in collaboration with François Avard, will premiere in the winter of 2014. He will play himself: "The series is about my life, my girlfriend, my children, my friends, my relationship with people, and the uneasiness they all cause! And I love uneasiness!” confided the comedian.

Martin Matte is ready to share his unique views on society and of the world around him in this shameless and over-the-top work of fiction created in his image. Although a healthy dose of cheekiness and self-deprecation brews just below the surface, his strong principles will give the audience a reality check!In this show, Martin Matte finally tells his life story punctuated by humorous anecdotes.

Les beaux malaises will air on TVA in the winter of 2014.

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Les beaux malaises télé


For Martin Matte’s comeback on TVA, we expect nothing less than to surpass the one million viewer mark!

Wednesday: 9:30 PM to 10:00 PM

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Key numbers

Winter 2014 Estimates:
2+ : 1,025,000 
  • 18-49 age group: 420,000
  • 25-54 age group: 440,000
  • Women 25-54 age group: 220,000
Les beaux malaises  VSD

Video on demand

Thanks to Videotron illico TV, Quebec viewers can watch or re-watch Les beaux malaises after the show airs on TV.

Key numbers

Estimate:  Winter 2014
45,000 downloads per episode