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Les beaux malaises

A trademark of TVA network

The best French language television show in the world according Banff World Media Festival!

Quebec’s most popular comedy series returns for a third season in winter 2016.

Les beaux malaises is a bold and hilarious scripted series in which comedian Martin Matte and his sidekick François Avard share their unique view of society. The show gives us an inside look at Martin Matte’s daily life through various anecdotes that punctuate it with strong doses of daring and self-deprecation.
Season 1 garnered lots of praise, bringing home four Gémeaux Awards in 2014: Best Comedy, Best Director, as well as Best Lead Actor and Actress in a Comedy.

“Les beaux malaises” has been airing on TVA since winter 2014.

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Les beaux malaises télé


#3 in the list of most watched programs viewed by quebecers in the winter 2016. The show reached an average audience close to 2 millions viewers a week, with a market share of 43 %

Viewers can’t get enough. The “best of” special Les beaux malaises –'' les meilleurs moment'' attracted an audience of 1.4 million viewers, with a market share of 39. It’s success is just amazing.

Source : Numeris, French Quebec, Spring 2016 ( Jan.4 - april 24), 2+  ratings for 4+broadcasts

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Les beaux malaises - web


During the winter 2016, the show’s website drew nearly 582,000 unique visitors, generating close to 1.6 million page-views.

The TV show is also a digital success, generating 745,000 video views on its webpage. 

Source: Google Analytics, January 4 -April 24, 2016 / Brightcove January 4 -April 24, 2016


Les beaux malaises - MOBILE


The show’s mobile app allows fans to stay in touch with the brand and share exclusive content. It also features insights into the multiple facets of Martin Matte, as revealed by his eccentric and colourful psychologist.

In the spring of 2015, the app had accumulated over 25,000 downloads.

Source: App Annie, march 2015


Les beaux malaises  VSD

Video on demand

During the winter of 2016, public interest in the show was also manifested with close to 2 million downloads registered on the illico TV platform. This ranks Les beaux malaises the most frequently downloaded shows of the season.

Source : Videotron, Spring 2016