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Le Tricheur

A trademark of TVA network

A game of strategy, suspense, fun and humour, Le tricheur tests contestants’ general knowledge.

Five known artists and personalities, among whom lurks a cheater, answer a series of questions. Guests, the host, and the audience all participate to identify the cheater.

For a good cause! The contestants’ goal is to amass as much money as possible for a charity of their choice. Well known and liked by Quebeckers, Guy Jodoin, television and film actor as well as television and radio host, masterfully hosts the game show. Le tricheur had better watch out!

Le tricheur has been airing on TVA since 2012.

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Le Tricheur - télévision


Le Tricheur attracts a large audience every day. It's average audience of 826,000 plays along and tries to identify the “cheater”. The show has an average market share of over 33 %!

Source: Numeris, PQ fr, W2018 (Jan. 9 - April 22), 2+.

Schedule : F2018
Monday to Friday : 6:30 PM to 7:00 PM

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Key numbers

Estimates : F2018
2+ : 809,000
A18+ : 742,000
A25-54 : 226,000
F25-54 : 136,000

Le tricheur - web


Le Tricheur’s website features extra content. Fans of the show will find never before seen videos featuring cheaters who share their experience of being on the show. Web users will also find short guest biographies as well as exclusive photos.

In the winter of 2018, the website drew over 35,000 unique visitors and generated close to 115,000 page-views. On social networks, the game show has 86,000 Facebook fans and over 9,000 Twitter followers.

Sources: Google Analytics, Jan. 9 - April 22, 2018; Facebook and Twitter, May 2018

Le Tricheur - mobilité


Amongs the most downloaded apps at TVA!

Fans can face their favourite stars by playing the game while the show airs live. Launched in the fall of 2012 and very popular among Quebec viewers, the Le Tricheur app has been downloaded over 180,800 times.

Viewers who wish to play are given the option to participate during the live broadcast by answering Guy Jodoin’s question and they are also given up to three opportunities to identify the cheater. Players can stand out by accumulating points every time they correctly answer a question or identify Le Tricheur.

It’s your turn to spot Le Tricheur!

Source: AppAnnie, Jan. 2016