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Le jeu is a thriller that shines a light on the growing social issue of online bullying.

Marianne (Laurence Leboeuf) is a rising star in the highly competitive world of video-game design – a world in which women are often not welcome. Nearing thirty, Marianne decides to develop her own game in a major Montreal studio where her boyfriend Julien (Éric Bruneau) also works.

After participating in a panel discussion where she calls out trolls who spew their venom online, Marianne is swept up in a social media firestorm. She then gets assaulted, but totally blacks out and can’t remember anything about the attack. Haunted by this incident, she goes on a mission to solve the mystery. The situation quickly degenerates when she re-joins the online community and becomes the target of a smear campaign that poisons her life and puts her – and her loved ones – in danger. Throughout this nightmare, Marianne must find the strength and courage to still finish her video-game project on time, in order to secure her professional future. This sets off a race against time filled with obstacles and setbacks, along with victories.

Le jeu airs on TVA in fall 2018.

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A Social Problem Explored as a Thriller 

Unfolding in 10 hour-long episodes, this emotionally-charged series deals with a social problem that has yet to be fully explored in fiction. Writers Mylène Chollet and Martin Girard developed the show in collaboration with Nadine Bismuth, and they have an excellent cast bringing it to life, led by Laurence Leboeuf and Éric Bruneau.

Le jeu a suspense that will have our heroine – and our viewers – on edge, with a topic that’s sure to provoke heated discussions.