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Le banquier

A trademark of TVA network

Le banquier is without a doubt the TV show that families love to watch. Filled with suspense, emotions, surprises, and a lot of money, this show makes audiences hold their breath.With more than 17 million viewers, Deal or No Deal, an American television phenomenon, is a huge success on the international scene. Quebec’s adaptation, Le banquier, is hosted by none other than Julie Snyder, a true performer whose tone, humour, and energy make her stand out.

The threefold concept behind Le banquier: the contestants’ goal is to leave with as much money as possible; in an attempt to make the contestants flinch, the mysterious banker constantly makes them a cash offer in order to dissuade them from potentially winning much more; the host is the mover and shaker.

Before long, the contestant and the banker, who never see or speak directly to one another, are at odds and engage in a war of nerves. The host participates, acts as intermediary, and guides the contestant who is on a quest for loot.

Le banquier has been airing on TVA since 2007.

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Le banquier télévision


Le banquier is a multimillion dollar show and a phenomenal success that Quebeckers just can’t get enough off.

Le Banquier still ranks among the most watched programs! In the winter 2017, it has accumulated an audience of over 1.6 million viewers with a 41.1 market share!

Source : Numeris, PQ franco, Spring 2017 (Jan. 9 - april 23), 2+

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Key numbers

Estimate: Fall 2017

2+ : 1 635 000
A18-49 : 510 000
A25-54 : 570 000
F25-54 : 325 000


Le banquier web


Le banquier’s website features extra content and fans of the show will find exclusive behind the scenes content and videos featuring the contestants, the beauties behind the cases, and more. Web users can also play the online version and test their skills at accepting or refusing an offer.

The Videotron section reveals some of the contestants’ secrets and features never before seen video segments, ring tones, wallpapers, full episodes on illico, and much more!

With close to 121,000 unique visitors, the website generated nearly 377,000 page views during the 2017 winter season. An interactive brand, the over 247,000 Facebook fans can watch never before seen videos of the Le banquier. Julie Snyder and Stéphane Laporte interact with fans about the show on Twitter with it's almost 2,400 subscribers.  

Source: Google analytics, Jan. 9 - april 23, 2017; Social networks: June 2017

le banquier vsd

Video on demand

Thanks to Videotron illico TV, Quebec viewers never have to miss an episode! In the fall of 2016, the most recent season, Le banquier was downloaded 127,000 times.

Source: Videotron WS2017