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La Liste Noire

A trademark of TVA Network

Named Best New Series in the U.S., Now Finally Coming Here!

Raymond “Red” Reddington is one of the nation’s most wanted fugitives. When he surrenders at FBI headquarters in Washington, he says he has one thing in common with lawmen: hunting down and capturing dangerous criminals and terrorists. But as Reddington starts co-operating with the FBI, he insists on dealing with only one person: Elizabeth Keen, an inexperienced FBI profiler.
We soon discover that Raymond Reddington has spent the last two decades compiling a list of what he believes to be the most dangerous criminals and terrorists – people so elusive that even the FBI doesn’t know they exist. This is what Reddington calls “The Blacklist.”

La liste noire airs on TVA since spring 2015.


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La Liste Noire - télévision


Season 5 of the hit U.S. series aired on TVA in the fall of 2017 reaching an average audience of 494,000 viewers and garnering a market share of 18 %.

La liste noire has been captivating fans of police dramas.

The series transcends generations, with a high concentration of viewers in both the 12-24 and the 35-64 age groups. A significant white collar audience also makes it an interesting draw. 

Source : Numeris, Fall 2017 (Sept. 4 - Dec.3), 2+

Schedule :  W2018
Friday 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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Key numbers

Estimates : W2018
2+ : 499,000
A18-49 : 119,000
A25-54 : 154,000
F25-54 : 82,000
La liste noire - web


The series is also popular online, attracting 8,255 unique visitors and generating close to 19,600 page-views during the Fall of 2017 season.

Source : Google Analytics, Sept. 4 - Dec. 4, 2017