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Le Journal de Montréal

Le Journal de Montréal is THE Montreal daily newspaper and the only one published every day of the week.

With its content, format, and morning delivery, Le Journal de Montréal has been breaking new ground since it was first published in 1964. It quickly gained popularity and now reaches the highest number of readers across all segments of the population.

Its popularity grew rapidly. It is now the newspaper that reaches the most readers in all walks of Montreal society.

Le Journal de Montreal, offers millions of Quebecers to stay informed via the platform of their choice, when and where they wish.

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Le journal de Montréal journaux


Every day, Le Journal de Montréal provides its readers with comprehensive and powerful news coverage, along with the analysis, reporting, investigative journalism and exclusive surveys that have made its reputation.

The paper’s success is largely due to its team of seasoned reporters and columnists.

Its capacity to accurately cover sports and cultural events, as well as the multiple topics explored in depth in its different sections, make this newspaper essential, indispensible daily reading.

Le Journal de Montréal is Quebec’s most widely read daily newspaper, with a total of close to 2,9 million readers a week across all plaforms.

It also dominates in Greater Montreal, with 1,6 million weekly readers on all platforms.

Source : Vividata Spring 2018, Province of Quebec and Montreal CMA, cumulative 7 days, A12+, multiplatform readership.

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Key numbers

Province of Quebec, all platforms : 2,886,000 readers per week
Montreal (CMA) all platforms) : 1,655,000 readers per week

Source : Vividata Spring 2018, Province of Quebec & Montreal CMA, cumulative 7 days, paper, 12+, multiplatform readership.
Le journal de Montréal web


On its website, Le Journal de Montréal delivers round-the-clock news that’s constantly updated.  http://www.journaldemontreal.com/

In December 2014, Le Journal de Montréal unveiled its new responsive website, entirely revamped to adapt to the needs of today’s readers.

Designed for easier and enriched navigation, the website focuses on visuals that adjust perfectly to all types of devices. Browsing is fluid, user-friendly and interactive, with content that’s developed and adapted to offer a unique reader experience combining text, computer graphics, videos, photos and other multimedia news elements.

JournaldeMontreal.com is the ''must go to'' news website in Quebec with close to 3.3 millions unique visitors per month

Source : comScore Media Metrix Multi-Platform, Quebec region, February 2018.

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Key numbers

• 3,321,000  unique visitors
•  69 millions of pages viewed

Source : comScore Media Metrix Multi-Platform, February 2018

Le journal de Montréal - mobile


In December 2014, Le Journal de Montréal launches its application "J5". This application redefined how to present news that is now customizable!


The application "J5" offers the possibility to select the news you want to receive daily according to one’s own interests.  After downloading the application, users are asked to select five information topics that is of interest to them, and 5 of their favorite columnists or bloggers. "J5" also offers them at all times the 5 most relevant news of the moment.

These characteristics make this app stand out from all other apps currently available on the market. 

Key numbers

Source : Google Play et iTunes Connect, March 2018, J5 Journal de Montréal & Journal de Québec.