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Blue Moon

A trademark of TVA network

 Plotting, Suspense and Clandestine Operations

Justine Laurier is a Canadian soldier returning from a mission in Africa. As she takes over the business of her recently deceased father – a paramilitary company called Blue Moon – her father’s old associate, Benoit Lebel, becomes her new business partner.

Justine slowly realizes that the company she inherited is involved in some shady dealings, and that her father’s death may not have been an accident. Viewers will accompany our heroine throughout her quest to find out what really happened. Bob Ryan and Milan Garnier are by her side in this mystery that skilfully combines suspense and intrigue. 

A High-Calibre Cast

Karine Vanasse is brilliant in the leading role, alongside none other than Luc Picard, who plays her business partner. The roles of Bob Ryan and Milan Garnier are played by Patrice Godin and Éric Bruneau. 

Blue Moon has been available to Club illico subscribers since 2016. The show has been airing on  ADDIKtv since winter 2017 and it premieres on the TVA Network since the fall of 2017.



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Blue Moon - télévision


In the fall 2017 season, Blue Moon was the #3 entertainment-specialty-channel show, drawing an audience of 228,700 viewers to ADDIKtv.

Broadcasted on TVA in the fall of 2017, Blue Moon attracted an audience of 623 000 viewers, representing 21 market shares.

Offered exclusively to Club Illico subscribers, Blue Moon season 3 has been available since January 2018.

Source : Numeris, PQ, fr Fall 2017 (Sept. 4 - Dec. 3), 2+ 

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