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Un zoo pas comme les autres


New docu-reality show coming to TVA in January!

TVA will air the original new Quebec docu-reality series Un zoo pas comme les autres during the winter 2019 season. Produced by Datsit Sphère in collaboration with Quebecor Content, the family show transports viewers to a unique animal sanctuary in the heart of Quebec’s Beauce region.

Welcome to the Millers!

Émilie Ferland and Clifford Miller were a pair of animal-lovers living on Clifford’s family farm with their cats, dogs, a horse and a few farm animals. Little did they think that one day they would be rescuing exotic wild animals. It all started when they adopted an orphaned baby deer. Now, only a few years after they met, their house is in the middle of a different kind of zoo, Un zoo pas comme les autres!

The zoo’s residents

More than 150 animals have found shelter at the Miller Zoo. Some are rehabilitated and released into the wild; others will spend the rest of their lives there. Each is welcomed as a member of the family! The zoo’s residents include black bears, deer, wolves, lynxes, tigers, lions, baboons, kangaroos, mouflons, wallabies, raccoons and more.

During the weekly show, viewers will be introduced to the animals, who run free in a natural, respectful, cage-free environment, and get to know Émilie and Clifford, an engaging couple who have turned their love of animals into a vocation.

Mission zoo

New children’s show on Yoopa

Children and their parents will also be able to follow the intrepid adventures of Laura Compan (who plays Lili Renaud-Gauvin in Le Jeu) in the new children’s show Mission zoo, which premieres on Yoopa in January. As an intern at Un zoo pas comme les autres, Laura tends to the animals by carrying out a series of rewarding and sometimes outlandish tasks, with some expert guidance.

Cradling a baby wallaby, getting the grey wolves to howl and refereeing a soccer game between lions and a tiger are just a few of the many missions young Laura will accomplish.

Extraordinary animal stories for the whole family this winter:

Un zoo pas comme les autres on TVA and Mission zoo on Yoopa!


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